We can help with acquisition strategy, valuation, due diligence, integration management, and more. Collectively, we have been involved in more than 100 M&A transactions.

Our work has included:

Acquisition screens

  • Helped industrial services firm identify potential acquisition candidates to grow geographically (in Europe) and by product lines (in three distinct areas).  Advised the firm on which markets were most attractive in terms of size, growth, profitability, and fit with the client’s existing business.
  • Performed acquisition screen in the photography industry. Developed fair value ranges, contacted targets, negotiated purchase agreement, and conducted due diligence.


  • Helped secondary private equity firm develop bid price for acquisition of more than 50 energy, power, and infrastructure assets.  The assets included oil & gas E&P; midstream processing and distribution;  gas, coal, and geothermal power generation; and energy infrastructure.
  • Advised lithium-ion battery firm on valuation and valuation maximization.

Negotiation support

  • Led the financial portions of merger negotiations with a publicly traded competitor of an energy technology company. Provided negotiation support to the company’s CEO. Separately, helped the same company negotiate term sheets and close two new rounds of funding.

Due diligence

  • Conducted commercial due diligence for private equity firms for acquisitions in media, industrial services, construction, and mining. Reviewed secondary market research and interviewed customers, competitors, and other stakeholders. Estimated growth prospects and identified major risk factors.
  • Conducted financial, technical, and market analysis underpinning acquisition of Chinese manufacturing company by US technology firm.
  • Evaluated investments in ethanol production for large global private equity fund.

Merger integration

  • Helped an $800 million distributor smoothly integrate a major acquisition. Developed integration schedules, wrote all employee, investor, and customer communications, and facilitated organization planning.
  • Supported CEO of cable TV operator in acquisition of large competitor. Led due diligence and negotiations. Helped company with several follow-on acquisitions. Company became a leader in its market.

 Temporary financial management

  • Served as temporary CFO for a 160-person energy technology company during a cash flow crisis. Temporarily shifted focus from GAAP to cash-basis accounting to ensure company would be able to meet its commitments.

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