Woodlawn Associates is a management consulting firm that helps firms optimize their growth strategies. Most of our work can be categorized as strategy, sales & marketing, or finance.

We believe superior business performance comes from proprietary insight, and we use scenario planning, primary research, and data-driven analysis to help our clients develop and implement robust strategies for their businesses.

We work in any industry, but have particularly deep experience in telecom, media, & technology (including cable TV and mobile phones) and energy (including conventional, solar, and wind power).

We are also distinguished by our:

  • International Perspective: We have extensive experience in Asia (including China, Japan, and Southeast Asia), Europe (especially Germany), and North America.
  • Operational Pragmatism: We have worked in line roles and understand what it takes to turn plans into operational reality.
  • Data-Driven Approach: We base our assessments on careful analysis of data. Where necessary, we use primary research to get the data needed for well-informed recommendations.
  • Personalized Service: Our partners are heavily involved in the execution of all our projects.